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Itai Haviv is an Israeli geologist and environmentalist with extensive desert guiding experience in Sinai, the Judean and Negev deserts, and Jordan.

From the author

Having watched the Jordanian Dead Sea Rift for a long time from the Israel side, I longed for the day I could get to roam through its landscapes. When the peace arrived in 1994 the first thing I did was to have coffee in downtown Amman.

From that moment onwards I was captured by the beauty of this land and its people. I trekked and guided through the Rift for six years, and the more I came to know it, the keener my desire to thoroughly explore it grew. After finishing my Geology and Environmental studies I set off for one year of day-to-day exploration.

The cliff of Umm Ala over looking the valley of el Qa'.
At the top of the cliff is an Edomite stronghold (Itai Haviv)

The excitement of hiking without knowing what lies behind the next bend in the canyon was addictive. Though the maps promised rugged topography, I could never have imagined so much natural beauty. Every day brought new canyons, summits, springs and waterfalls. There were fascinating encounters with Bedouin and enchanting nights of hospitality and storytelling.

I have seen the sparkle in the eyes of those who trek through the region for the first time. I hope that the same is going to happen to you.


Petra's Treasury (Onn crouvi)


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About the book


The book describes 68 routes ranging from one to six days. Among the routes are easy walks for dayhikers as well as challenging treks. 12 canyoning routes demand abseiling skills. The book is 264 pages long including 35 detailed trekking maps, 3 true-color satellite images and 24 color pages. The vast majority of the routes were never described anywhere before!

Abseiling the upper waterfall of Wadi Karak (Noya Shiloni)

Background information include geography, history, flora, fauna, people and culture, nature conservation and language as well as practical information about when to trek, how to get there, what to take etc.

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Desert vistas from the summit of Jabel Rum (Itai Haviv)

Table of contents


About the Region

Nature conservation
People and culture

Practical Information

When to go
Getting to Jordan
Abseiling and special equipment
Getting around
Women travellers
Accommodation and camping
Food and drinks
Trekking information
Trek maps
Guides and organized treks
General code of behavior


Safety & First Aid

Heat stroke
Flash floods

The northern tip of the Dead Sea and Madaba area
From Wadi Mukheiris to Wadi Zarqa Ma‘in

1. Wadi Mukheiris
2. Wadi Manshala
3. Wadi Himara
4. Across northern Moab
From Wadi Mukheiris
to Wadi Manshala
5. Wadi Zarqa Ma‘in,
lower gorge
6. Wadi Zarqa Ma‘in,
Upper canyon

The Mujib Nature Reserve and Dhiban area
From Wadi Zarqa Ma‘in to Wadi Shuqeiq

7. Wadi Abu Khusheiba
8. Wadi ‘Attun
9. Wadi Daba ‘
10. Wadi Mujib’s lower gorge
11. Wadi Mujib’s lower gorge,
a short route
12. Wadi el Hidan

Karak area and Mazra‘a Bay
From Wadi Shuqeiq to Wadi Hasa

13. Wadi Ibn Hammad
14. Wadi Karak
15. Wadi Weida‘a
16. Wadi ‘Assal
17. From Wadi Numeira
to Wadi Marsad
18. Wadi Hudeira
19-21. Wadi Hasa
19. Wadi Hasa’s upper canyon
to Wadi ‘Afra
20. Wadi Hasa, lower canyon
21. Wadi Hasa, the full lengh


Tafila area and Dana Nature Reserve
From Wadi Hasa to Wadi Ghuweir

22. Wadi Jifneh
23. Jabel Muleih and Wadi Jifneh
24. Wadi ‘Aima and Wadi Feifa
25. Wadi Umruq
26. Wadi Khanzira
27. Wadi Khanzira, a short route
28. Wadi ‘Aima to Wadi Khanzira
29. Sela‘ - The Rock of Edom
30-35. Dana Nature Reserve
30. The Cave Trail
31. The Campsite Trail
32. Jabel Rummana Trail
33. Dana Village
to Rummana Campsite
34. Dana Village
to Feinan Campsite
35. Wadi Hamra
to Hammam Dathneh
36. Wadi Ghuweir
37. From Wadi Hamra
to Wadi Ghuweir
38. Feinan’s copper works


Shawbak and Petra areas
From Wadi Ghuweir to Wadi Musa

39. Umm el ‘Ammad Cave
40. Wadi Feid
41. The Black Mountains
42. Canyons
and ancient caravan routes
43. Ba‘ja Edomite stronghold
44. Little Petra
and its surroundings
45. From Little Petra to Petra
46. Wadi Musa
47. Jabel Umm el Biyara
48. Wadi Mudhlim
49. Jabel Harun


The mountains of Rajef and Humeima
From Wadi Musa to Wadi Rahma

50. Jabel el Quseir
Edomite stronghold
51. From Petra to Taybeh
52. The Rajef Inselbergs
53. Around Rajef - Jabel Barza,
Wadi Hurma, Wadi Abu
el ‘Uruq
54. Around Rajef - Jabel Juleif,
Wadi Tajra, Wadi Abu
el ‘Uruq
55. The White Narrows
and the Dark Gorge
56. Ein-es Sadeh
57. Across southern Edom
from Dilagha to Humeima
58. The sand dunes of Wadi Rakiya
59-60. Humeima
59. Jabel Humeima
60. Humeima
from the Horn of the Gazelle
61. From Petra to Humeima
62. Wadi Khubat
63. Wadi Rahma
64. Wadi Khubat to Wadi Rahma
65. Jabel Sor

The Mountains of ‘Aqaba
From Wadi Rahma to the Gulf of ‘Aqaba

66. Jabel Baqer


Wadi Rum

67. Across Jabel Umm ‘Ishrin
68. To the summit of Jabel Rum



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